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Price Rp 5.000.000
Rp 4.000.000


  • Broadband, 'no-tune' dual speed phase locked loop system


  • Low Noise Oscillator, Low Distortion Performance


  • 1 Watt Output


  • Microprocessor Controlled with Direct Read Rotary Frequency Switches


  • XLR Balanced Input Connectors and BNC Multiplex Input and Output Connectors


  • More than 60dB Stereo Seperation


  • 15kHz Brickwall Lowpass Filtering and Low Phase Shift Stereo Multiplex Filtering


  • Switchable Pre-Emphasis, Baseband Clipping, Filter Clipping and Loudness Modes


  • Switchable Limiter on/off, Stereo on/off and Mono from Left Jumpers.


  • Frequency Fine Tune, Audio Input Level, Multiplex and Pilot Level Controls


  • High Grade Low Noise Op-Amps with Distortion Null Adjustment Controls


  • Black Oxide High Grade PCB with Split Rail DC-DC Converted Power Supply.


  • Cable modulators, translation systems and drive in theatres.


This built and tested 1 Watt stereo exciter module comprises a high quality PLL exciter, A high quality stereo encoder and an audio limiter. This board can be configured for virtually every FM application.


This BW intergrated exciter contains a compact fm broadcast exciter with specifications that put many commercial exciters to shame. The modern innovative design allows audio and RF performance never before seen in module exciters. The 'virtual VFO' dual loop system allows audio flatness to 1 Hz. Afc bounce and modulator overshoot are a thing of the past. You now can pass that low bass without distortion and get that perfect stereo seperation that you have been demanding from your exciter. Broadband 'No tune operation' allows for ease of use. The only adjustment required is of the direct reading decimal dial switches for frequency selection. Rf power is muted during out of lock conditions and the built in harmonic filter keeps the signal clean.


A BNC socket is provided for external multiplex input from outboard processors and stereo encoders.


The expansion connector allows for external modules to be connected to the board such as the BW ALLONEPCB LCD. The optional LCD Expansion Unit (Does not transmit) will plug into your transmitter to provide a graphical frequency readout and the option of front panel frequency control with it's PCB up / down switches. (unit same as PLL plus LCD board)


The stereo encoder section is microcomputer controlled to combine the best of analog and digital techniques for fantastic performance. Designed for optimum stereo seperation and excellent spectral cleanliness this encoder will provide that extra performance for radio stations who want something a little special.


Audio baseband filtering combined with the latest digital techniques and post mpx filtering make this unit easily conform to even the most stringent broadcast regulations. And because the energy from the encoder is in the right places you will gain extra loudness inside your bandwidth limits. The ultra low distortion pilot tone will allow excellent compatibility with subcarrier services such as the radio data system (RDS) High quality components and printed circuit board will ensure you have 24 hour operation for years and years. The multiplex signal from the stereo encoder can be routed via an on board jumper to the exciter section as well as the multiplex output BNC on the back panel so that you can interface RDS encoders and other equipment into the signal path.


The Limiter section has been optimised for maximum clarity at maximum deviation. The on board DC-DC convertor provides a + and - 15 volt supply from a single 12 volt input. This allows maximum supply headroom for a crisp clean sound. On board jumpers allow you to control the sound to suit your requirements. Loud mode provides a more aggresive processed sound while the clarity mode keeps the sound more true to the original. On board pre emphasis switching makes selection for your region simple. Gain controls are provided on board to match the limiter to your audio equipment. An all round winner when you want to sound clean and undistorted without sacrifising loudness which is the problem with other non broadcast optimised limiters. The BW enginners spent many weeks carefully revising the component values to bring you a clean but loud sound for your radio station.



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